About Us

Hello there!
Welcome to my store!
My name is Ermanno
and just like you I am
an exmormon!

I started EXMO Shirts in August of 2020
as a fun hobby and I'm amazed at
how successful the store has been.

Just like you, leaving the Church has been
traumatizing for me too, and being able to
deconstruct, readjusting and at the same time
creating an Exmormon brand has been very
therapeutic for me.

My main goal is to make you smile and perhaps
help you process your transition from being in a
high-demand religion to being free. I hope my
products can help you with that. I am a firm
believer that laughter is the best medicine!

My goal is to create quality products, so if you have any
complaints, feedback or even ideas for a new
shirt or mug I would love to hear from you.
My email is exmoshirts@gmail.com
Owner at Exmo Shirts